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“Flea Season” isn’t ever over!

Written By on November 11, 2014
fleas don't stand a chance

We’ve had quite a few patients come in over the last several weeks who’ve had the itch…

Here’s a brief summary of what you need to know about fleas and your pet.

Flea control should begin as flea prevention! To help keep your home flea-free, we recommend the following:

  • • Be sure to inspect your pets regularly, especially during peak flea season
  • • Flea control products, such as Advantage, Revolution, Program or Sentinel, should be used year-round
  • • Groom your pets regularly (and bathe dogs regularly)
  • • Before using any kind of product, consult with a veterinarian to determine the best treatment for your pet
  • • Change your pet’s bedding frequently and always wash it in hot water
  • • Vacuum under furniture and along walls. Be sure to throw out your vacuum bag at least once a week, as fleas can continue to develop inside the bag!

Peak season for flea infestations outdoors is from May to October, but due to the mild temperatures we experience in Vancouver, flea life cycles don’t shut down for the winter. While female fleas lay eggs on hosts, these eggs can easily fall onto carpets and furniture, where they can hatch within a few days. After feeding on organic debris for about a week, the larvae spins a cocoon, where it remains until it metamorphoses into an adult. Flea larvae can remain cocooned for up to 5 months, until the right conditions are met (e.g. turning the heat on in your house, being moved about by a passerby).

For additional information on fleas, click here.

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